Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gone to Ground

It's been a long time by I finally feel like I can stick my head up and look around. After coming home from Costa Rica (short version: fall, sprained ankle, sick on the bus from Peruvian ceviche, hill town spanish classes, rappelling down waterfalls, beach with the family, zipline, beach, scorpion sighting, beach, home), I went straight to work in Salem with the hair-raising one hour commute. There wasn't a single day I didn't see an accident or more on the highway. My knuckles were white most days, and I didn't have enough energy to go round after I got home.

Moved to Salem a week ago, little apartment that backs up to a park and is up the block from a big off-lead park for Molly. With only a 7 minute drive home, Molly is getting lots of park time.

It's also close enough to see Lysse, but too far to drop in on her unannounced. We went to see Wicked this weekend and in the spirit of celebration, went to IKEA afterwards- we needed stuff. Lots of stuff.

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