Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Mardi Gras Bowl Day

Lots of American excesses going on this week- though all of New England is in mourning for the Pat's perfection season- lost in the last 35 seconds. Ah well. I did enjoy the game, though the commercials are much more fun.

I know nothing about football, though Debbie says it was all because "Tom Brady wasn't protected when he was in the pocket". I have no idea what that means, but it went a long way for my street cred- I quoted it all day with a disgusted look to patients and heir husbands- and was grateful for their lack of follow-up questions. Only the dead know Brooklyn? a similar argument could be made here.

Wore Mardi Gras beads to work, reassuring anyone who asked that, at my age, they throw beads to you to keep your shirt down, not up.

Apparently New Orleans is hot again, the cold snap that Lysse and I endured is over and they are back to normal. What's next? "First Hawaiian Snow Fall" the first time I fly in? "Rapid Glacial Melt Seen in Antarctica" wait, wait- that's been done. not my fault. phewww.

Dinner, thanks in part to NYT's The Minimalist

cast iron pan, heated in the oven to at least 5oo degrees.

any one of:

thick hunk of salmon, thick pieces of tenderloin, whole trout, scallops, swordfish, tuna, nicely marbled steak----

a little spray of olive oil, toss of coarse salt, shake of lemon pepper, other mix- or nothing

then a quick return to the oven. the cast iron sears the bottom surface and the hot oven quickly crisps the rest. Watch the timing unless you like your salmon cooked well done

I think his recipe (Bitman's) involves pork tenderloin, apples and Calvados. I've made it and it's heavenly.