Saturday, January 5, 2008

Skiing at the Pinelands Center

Spent the afternoon skiing (and falling) through the woods.

Pinelands is really lovely, with well groomed trails that go on forever through the woods and fields of New Gloucester Maine. It had been a home for institutionalized children, but after the closure, has re-emerged as a cultural center, with outdoor sports, festivals, businesses- and a working dairy.

At the end of the day, there's a bakery for snacks and hot chocolate, and we passed around the ibuprofen in hopes we wouldn't be too uncomfortable in the morning.

Despite a number of really spectacular falls, including butt and face plants and a terrific split on skis that the Russian judges rated a 10, we had a good time, and departed swearing we'd be back.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day

Went down to Portland last night to visit with the Sues. We had a spread of goodies including stuffed dates (chevre, pine nuts and prosciutto) , shrimp, olives and feta, and herbed cashews. I refrained from drinking as my stomach has been on the outs since last week, and this meant that for the first time I my life I was the DD! We went down to the Nickelodeon to see Charlie Wilson's War, which was really funny but sobering at the same time when you realize what's become of Afghanistan and our relationship with it and with Russia since then.

After the movie we wandered around the Old Port amazed at the drunken high heeled girls. The best were the lights, everywhere Christmas lights still up, and covered with snow. Since the snow fall Monday, there hasn't been a breath of wind, and the snow remains stacked wherever it fell, capping even the thinest branches and wires with an inch of white.

Back through town, stopping for a pizza, to talk till we watched an ancient Dick Clarke at Time's Square, and then headed home, me at forty miles an hour as the road was shiney with what I thought was glare ice. I didn't really find out, since I managed not to touch the brakes for the full fifty miles.

Home now, and watching even more snow pile on top. still no wind, but if it comes it won't be pretty as limbs will be falling.