Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Move

well, it was hard, really hard.

It is possible that I am too old for this kind of uprooting.

Or maybe, it's because my idealized pre-move move is different from reality. That shouldn't come as a surprised, but all the same, I'm thrown.

The flights were a breeze. Molly proved that poodles can fly, after all.

The apartment Lysse has found for us is fine, though a little off the beaten path (this from someone who lived in Maine for years, and there are good people here, not to mention the pool, hot tub and sauna.
But the jet lag, combined with the infernal daylight savings change has turned me into a raving lunatic.

And then came the pine cone. Lee and I were walking to the car after a visit to Powells Books, and there was a pine cone. It felt, if pinecones can feel, that I did not pay it adequate attention, deference, respect. So I took me down.
Serious sprained ankle, skunned knee, and it (combined with a tiny bit of Molly Kibble later that evening, which caused my to twist ever so slightly and created this huge ripple of pain down my leg) caused my back to go in spasm, or something. Lysse and I headed to Ikea after dropping Lee at the airport, and I had to keep sitting down, and she had to keep threatening to get a wheelchair. I held her off on the wheelchair, but it was exhausting.

The pain in my hip, knee and ankle is helping to blunt the pain of saying goodbye to Lee, knowing it could be several months before I see him again. After 33 years of marriage, I feel like my right arm has been torn off- and even though I know it's only temporary, my heart won't listen to my head.

Started work. Very nice staff and a great view of Mt Hood, though the mount has been hiding in clouds since I arrived. I think we got off to a pretty rocky start, though, and I'm a little worried. We'll see.

Vamos a ver.