Thursday, December 27, 2007

holiday edition

Those two days of blogging back in September really must have taken it out of me. My internal voice started narrating (and improving upon) everything I was doing so it would sound better in print, and I was seeing typeface in my dreams. With a tiny brain like this it's not hard to get a brain worm even in such a short time.

So, Christmas is over for another year. I only had two meltdowns.the first one started while I was coring onions, so I didn't really notice right off when it turned into an official cry, and then I was sort of crying snorting and dripping and trying to keep snot out of the stuffing mix, as it's not technically vegan, and our vegan guest was going to have to limit himself to cranberries and tofu if things kept up.

Non-vegan recipe for Lysse:

Pepperoni con rigatoni

two nice onions
one moderate stick of pepperoni

chunk up both, and begin melting down the onions in a little olive oil/butter. then add the pepperoni, and continue to cook over low-medium heat.

toss in a can of chunked tomatoes, and let cook together till reduced a bit.

~meanwhile cooking a pot of rigatoni or any other thick bodied pasta~

Now, slowing while stirring all the time, stir in cream (light, heavy- or milk-or plain soy milk, though I can't testify to how that would turn out) to the reduced tomato mixture. I like to add enough get it back up to sauce consistency, and it will all get thick and firm again if you let it sit at all.

Salad, bread wine- you know the drill.