Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday- snow day

So, here we are, Wednesday, december 17th. I am now 5 days out from my microdiscectomy, and doing pretty well, I think. The leg and foot pain disappeared immediately, leaving only incisional pain, which is way easier to deal with than the nerve pain.
Snow has arrived in PDX, started Saturday, paused for a couple of days, and now has returned. This is a rare commodity here, and they are not prepared for it. days after the first storm, the roads are not plowed, and schools are still closed- 3 inches fell over the weekend, and it's still a mess. When it does snow, chains are mandatory on the main roads, though many people of course don't have chains, or they decide to apply them only after they've spun out of control on a highway overpass. the news feeds are filled with people leaving their cars, and walking these overpasses, while other cars slide towards them.

I am home, warm and happy, with a sufficient supply of percocet, chocolate, yarn and sappy movies. My roommate, Lysse, has gone into work today, and since I didn't see her car on the exit road, I can only guess that she got there.