Sunday, December 21, 2008

knitting this week: too much time after surgery

A new Molly coat:

A scarf/shawl:

Scaruffle (for Lysse):

Winter comes to the west coast

They said it would be dark. They said it would rain. They said if it snowed, it would be gone in a flash.

They lied.

Since last saturday, it has been snowing on and off and cold. Not as cold as Maine, but cold nonetheless.

And it snowed, all day yesterday, and finished up with a thick coat of freezing rain, so the snow is encased. The whole city has shut down- 911 systems off line, roads closed, urgent care centers closed, the airport full of stranded travelers.

Here we are, down in a valley, only one road out, which won't be plowed till wednesday if we're lucky. They still use chains here! in fact, they are mandatory now on all Portland Metro roads. I didn't know anybody still made chains- I thought they were obsolete.

Here's Molly in her Santa Suit. She had a great time outside this morning, skittering across the top of the frozen snow, and I wa able to let her off lead since no vehicles can travel our road.